In The Arena:




             “It is hardly equitable for the courts to recognize the prudential standing of abortion providers on behalf of actual or potential patients in the effort to terminate a pregnancy without also providing, or requiring a higher standard, for the intervention of pro-life organizations on behalf of actual or potential patients like Intervenors since their actual or potential patients are also making the life-altering or life-affirming decision not to terminate a pregnancy and should be able to exercise that freedom away from the undue influence of abortion advocates like Plaintiffs who are commonly permitted third-party standing.”

            • Brief in Support of Motion to Intervene, Little Rock Family Planning, et al. v. Larry                   Jegley, et al., Case No. 4:21-CV-453-KGB (2021).

            “Fortuitously for their communities, Intervenors provide counseling services advocating all alternatives to abortions, and on the long-term physical, emotional and psychological effects of abortion particularly in the black community in Arkansas not only for the protection of all life, but in effect, in the “interest of preventing abortion from becoming the tool of modern-day eugenics,” as warned by Justice Thomas in his Box concurrence.”

            • Brief in Support of Intervenors’ Reply to Plaintiffs’ Response to Motion to Intervene,     Little Rock Family Planning, et al. v. Larry Jegley, et al., Case No. 4:21-CV-453-KGB           (2021).


            “The result is the usurpation of the legislative police power by a sole, unelected member of the executive branch, unconstitutional encroachment upon the institutional rights of the General Assembly and an infringement upon the fundamental liberties and economic interests of each citizen of the State of Arkansas who is unaffected by COVID-19.”

            • Appellant’s Brief, Dan Sullivan et al., v. Jose Romero, et al., Case No. CV-20-721         (2020).


            “Passage of time, therefore, neither adds nor detracts from the Little Rock Ten Commandments monument with an inherent and undeniable historical meaning, though it may be a determinative factor in the evaluation of other monuments of religious import in a public setting.”

            • Response to Orsi Plaintiffs’ Motion to Order to Show Cause, Donna Cave, et al. v. John Thurston, Case No. 4:18-cv-00342-KGB (2020).


            “The government’s failure is also a violation of Fifth Amendment due process rights, and, considering the totality of the circumstances, certainly contributes to the outrageousness arising from its failure to prevent, and resulting from, the bad faith destruction of evidence.”

            • Appellant’s Brief, United States v. Woods, et al., Case No. 18-3085 (8th Cir. 2019)

            “Intervenor is understandably frustrated that the exercise of democracy in Pope County stands as a roadblock to a conclusion that must have seemed preordained.  It is egregious for them to suggest, however, that Plaintiffs’ efforts in this action represent anything other than an attempt to recognize and enforce the will of Pope County voters expressed in the 2018 general elections when they overwhelmingly voted against passage of Amendment 100 and in favor of Pope County Ordinance 2018-O-42.”

            • Brief in Response to Motion to Dismiss, Citizens For A Better Pope County v. Ben         Cross, et al., Case No. 58CV-19-439 (2019)


            “The Bentonville School board, therefore, had no authority to issue a face coverings rule for children that infringes upon the individual liberties guaranteed to citizens of the State of Arkansas and in particular to Petitioners, in the care, custody and management of their children recognized under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Article 2, Section 29 of the Arkansas Constitution.”

            • Petition for Declaratory Judgment, Sitton, et al. v. Bentonville School District, Case No. 04CV-21-1967 (2021).

About Me:

My name is Greg Payne, I’m an attorney from Bentonville, a lifelong Republican and I’d like to represent you in the Arkansas legislature. I have three children, Riley, Laken and Seagan and a six-month old golden retriever named Dutch. I can’t imagine a more enchanting, friendly, stimulating and dynamic area of the country to raise my three (sorry, four) wonderful children.

I grew up in Joplin, Missouri, attended law school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and have practiced law for 23-years, the last six of which have been with the Story Law Firm in Fayetteville.

Prior to attending law school, I worked 17 years in the private sector. 5 years as a Walmart Associate doing everything from unloading trucks, stocking shelves and working the checkout. I spent another twelve years in a private, manufacturing facility, building cables for large commercial construction equipment and military applications. So, I had a life as a “real person” before becoming an attorney.

In my first job after law school, I spent 3 ½ years as an assistant state prosecutor, and since that time I’ve practiced in various areas of law, general civil and criminal practice, as well as being involved in the defense of constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms  recognized under the U.S. and Arkansas Constitutions.

It is that last job in which I take the most pride and look forward to being engaged in each and every day I head to the office. And each and every day I advocate for clients on an individual basis to ensure that they are not victimized by powers beyond their control. It is my desire now to take the experiences I’ve gained from the stockrooms, the conference rooms and the courtrooms to the marble halls of the Arkansas legislature in the hope that we can realize the dream that good government truly comes from the consent of the governed.

Arkansas is one of the reddest of red states, but that does not mean our current Republican
legislature always follows our founding principles of smaller government, less regulation and lower taxes. And I can’t promise that one person can significantly drain the swamp in Little Rock. But I can assure you open and honest communication, accountability and hard work. We are all in this together, and our guaranteed freedoms to which we all as Americans and Arkansans are entitled demands the eternal vigilance that has become and will continue to be my life’s work. That, I can promise.